Weddings & Receptions

Requesting a Staff Pastor to officiate a wedding Staff pastors may be available for your wedding. If you have a relationship with any of the pastors, you are encouraged to approach them directly about officiating. If you are not already connected to one of our pastors, please e-mail Dave Sandell for more information.

Hosting your wedding or reception at the Vineyard The auditorium and lobby may be rented for weddings and receptions. Please note: As we are not a banquet hall, we are not equipped to easily host your wedding or reception. That being said, we do have space that is available to rent. Please remember that our first priority are Sunday Morning Services, so unlike a proper banquet hall, we have several policies to ensure that our Sunday experience is not affected. We also do not have the traditional staff of a banquet hall, and so some costs (such as custodians, etc) may be significantly different than what you’d find elsewhere.

The church may provide the following: rental space, tables, chairs, use of the A/V equipment, use of the coffee equipment, use of the tea equipment, use of the refrigerator and/or use of the freezer. See below for the various fees.

Please note that our alcohol policy is that only one glass of champagne may be served at receptions. No other alcohol is allowed.

Signage in the lobby must not be taken down.

Additional items needed that are not provided and must be purchased at an additional cost include: place settings (plates, cups, silverware), tablecloths, napkins, cold beverage cups, hot beverage cups, serving baskets, trays, and utensils, coffee supplies including: coffee, creamer, sugar, sweeteners, tea bags, honey, stirrers, vases, etc. and are the responsibility of the renter. Please discuss your preferences and options with your Reception Coordinator.

Anyone involved in the wedding (Florist, Caterer, DJ, etc.) must coordinate with the church’s wedding coordinator, not the church office. This includes any issues regarding the space itself (custodial or A/V questions, etc.).

The renter must contact the Senior Pastor regarding a marriage taking place on church grounds, and the Pastor will then discuss issues relating to the ceremony and marriage counseling. If the couple wishes to hire a Pastor from outside the church, consultation with the Senior Pastor must still be sought.

• Auditorium rental for non-members is $1,000, for members is $500.
• Lobby rental is $500 plus $3.00 per person, unless no set-up is needed. If you are using the lobby as it is set up for Sunday mornings, the cost is $100 plus $3.00 per person.
• If food is to be served, a $100.00 deposit as well as professional catering and wait staff are required. The wedding/reception coordinator will determine the appropriate number of servers to be hired, but generally one server to about 20-25 people is appropriate.
• Our on-site wedding coordinator must be hired at a rate of $250 for the wedding only, $350 for the reception only, or $400 for both.
• Using sound and/or video in either the main Auditorium or the La Viña Auditorium requires hiring 1-2 trained members of our AV teams ($75 for the first hour, $25 for each additional hour, per person. That number resets each day.)
• A Vineyard custodian must be hired at $25.00 per hour. The custodian must be present for the entire event. We also require one or two outside custodians be hired to assist. The custodian fee should be paid on the day of the event separately from the rest of the fees.

Please note that set-up the day of the event and rehearsal time the day before the event are complimentary. Set-up may be possible the day before the event depending on other reservations.

• Other rooms may be rented at $25.00 each plus $3.00 per person, unless the $3.00 per person fee has already been paid with the rental of a different room.
• Additional costs associated with the serving of food and beverage such as tablecloths, napkins, place settings, coffee and tea service, etc. can vary in price. Please discuss your preferences with your Reception Coordinator for various options.
• Additional costs associated with the hiring of a Florist, DJ, etc.
• Other variable costs should be discussed with the wedding coordinator.

Please note: The Vineyard is unable to provide any material resources from our building (tables, chairs, sound equipment, etc) to weddings not held at the Evanston Vineyard.

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