Watch Steve Nicholson talk through an important announcement involving the transition of our senior leadership in the coming years.

Criteria for new senior pastor:

1. Is in the Vineyard movement and thoroughly committed to the Vineyard movement
2. Has at least 8 years of experience in top-level leadership
3. Has the ability to think and lead strategically, theologically, and practically
4. Is able to put in at least 20 years into building the church into the next generation
5. Has experience with cultural and racial diversity or is a person of color
6. Has a commitment to the historical values of Evanston Vineyard
7. Has clear signs that God is supernaturally calling them to lead this church

How we anticipate the transition happening:

Year 1: Steve is senior pastor, new person is Senior Associate pastor
Year 2: Steve and new person are co-senior pastors
Year 3: New person is senior pastor and Steve is founding pastor

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