At the Vineyard, we believe that getting baptized is an essential part of our journey as followers of Jesus. It’s an intentional, public profession of our commitment, and a symbol for the change invites us into.

We practice baptism by immersing people fully in water on the stage on Sunday mornings four times a year. Immersion is a picture of dying to an old way of life and being raised to a new way of life.

If you are interested in being a part of our next baptism preparation class, or if you have questions, please e-mail Dave Sandell [email protected].

Please visit our events page for the next baptism class date.

Children's Ministry Applications


Please submit these forms to Iris Andersson at [email protected], or submit your forms at the Welcome Center on Sunday. Alternatively, you can drop off the form at the office Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.

Church Council

The church council is responsible for the legal and financial affairs with the advice of the pastors, and the pastors are responsible for the spiritual and programmatic affairs of the church with the advice of the council.

The council sets our annual budget, salaries, personnel policies, and handle any legal questions. In addition, they give some oversight to longterm strategic planning questions. In effect, any major change in theological positions or leadership policies would be done with agreement from both the pastors and the council.

Our current church council members:
Freddy Castillo
Marcelo Costilla
David Montgomery
Julia Moore
Liz Phillips-Jackson
Steve Nicholson
Bill Hanawalt

Communication Guidelines

We believe that when our brand is communicated clearly, the people who call our Church their family can more easily become ambassadors of the Evanston Vineyard. This resource exists to help you communicate our brand clearly. Includes information on:

  • Communication and promotion opportunities
  • Information on creating logos for your ministry and using the Vineyard logo and typefaces properly
  • Our preferred style guide

Hosting a funeral at the Vineyard The building is available for funerals or memorial services at no charge to members or regular attenders for immediate family members. Please e-mail [email protected] for more information.

Requesting a Staff Pastor to preside over a funeral Please call the church office at (847) 328-4544 and leaving a message for the pastor-on-duty.

Membership Application

The Evanston Vineyard invites anyone who is ready to make a commitment to Jesus and the Vineyard family to become an official member.

Members make a commitment to living out Vineyard values, consistently attending weekend services, giving sacrificially to the church, and participating in serving and small groups as they are best able.

Amongst other benefits, official church members are given the opportunity to be a part of the decision-making process, which is especially important as we enter into our years-long transition of our senior leadership. In fact, this coming March at our Members Breakfast, we will be voting on important changes to our church constitution. If you want to have a voice in that, apply to become a member.

Visit to watch the membership class online and begin the membership process.

Middle School Parenting Seminar

Click here to download the MP3.

“Raising Kids of Faith & Integrity”, a special seminar for parents of middle school students, taught by Senior High Pastor Chris Herning and Middle School Pastor Stephanie Regester on Sunday, Feb. 23, 2014. The accompanying handout with resources for developing family and personal spiritual habits can be downloaded below.

Our Constitution
Premarital Mentoring

I Just Got Engaged! What Do I Do Now?


First, meet with your pastor and decide on a wedding date. You will need approval from a Vineyard pastor before you can be enrolled in the program, but you do not need to be a member to ask one of our pastors to officiate your wedding.

To Enroll: Please email both of your names, email addresses and phone numbers to [email protected]. You will shortly thereafter each get a link to take the Prepare survey, a professional tool we use to help us understand your relationship.

What You Can Expect: The mentoring experience is designed to provide a comprehensive preparation experience, so that engaged couples can look forward to their marriage with confidence and joy. You will be matched with an experienced married couple in our church for a six to eight session mentoring course, spread out over six months on average, as you and your mentoring couple go through a workbook together. This isn’t counseling, it’s mentoring and coaching, so please talk to your pastor if you feel you have concerns that should include professional counseling.

Registration Fees: The premarital program costs $35 for the Prepare survey, paid online when you take the survey.

Services for the Deaf

We have a sign language interpreter at the 9:30am service each week.

Statement of Faith
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