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Services during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Evanston Vineyard will be hosting Sunday services online. These services will include worship, announcements and our weekly message. The Evanston Campus is meeting on our website at 9:00am and 11:00am. And La Viña is meeting at 11:00am on Facebook.

All Vineyard Kids rooms will be open at the 9 AM service only, and will run every other Sunday. Our first two Sundays with children’s programming will be June 13 & 27.

All middle schoolers (rising 5th-8th graders) are invited to our Limitless youth service, which will be held every Sunday morning in the youth area (back past the pop machines) at the 9 AM service only. The high school group VisionQuest will continue to meet at 5 PM each Sunday evening in the La Viña auditorium.

Face coverings are required for everyone in the building age 3 and up, and you must also pre-register for all of our children’s and main auditorium services. Registration for each Sunday will open the week before.

We’ve made registration easy, so with a few clicks you can register each child by their classroom, and also reserve your seats in the main auditorium. There will be capacity limits in each classroom, so when the rooms are full a wait list will open up.

Meanwhile everyone is still invited to attend our main auditorium services at 9 AM and 11 AM, either in-person or online. Together we pray, worship, learn and take communion together. Both services are live streamed on our website.

Sign up for in person this Sunday here!



5 things to know

  1. We have four services in two locations: English-language services 9:00am and 11:00am in Evanston, and a Spanish-language service (La Viña at 11:00am on Facebook)
  2. Our Evanston Campus is at 2495 Howard Street, Evanston, IL 60202. We’re a large building behind the Jewel at Howard & Kedzie.
  3. Our services last 90 minutes, including 40 minutes of contemporary worship (with traditional and gospel hymns mixed in), communion every week, and a 30-minute Biblical message. We always have time for prayer afterwards. [Please note that our online services are 60 minutes long and include singing, a message, a time of prayer and thanksgivings and an option for 1-1  prayer in a private chatroom.]
  4. We have ASL services at the 9:00 service in Evanston. [Please note: At this time we do not have ASL services during our services, but you can take advantage of closed captioning on our YouTube archive.]
  5. Contact us and someone will be there to personally meet you and give you a tour when you come!

Next steps

Come to a service

9:00am and 11:00am – Evanston on our website

11:00am – La Viña on Facebook

Meet the Connect Team

Our Connect Team hangs out by the Welcome Center on Sunday mornings to get to know new guests, answer questions and point you towards community at the Vineyard. We’d love to meet you — stop by and introduce yourself!

(And you’re always welcome to shoot us an email from our campus page)

Join a Small Group

The Evanston Vineyard is a really big church. Small Groups are the place where you get to go deeper in relationship, and begin to build a community of people who become a part of your life. You can meet new friends, learn about the church and start to grow in your relationship with God. People that get the most out of our church are part of a small group

Groups run from February-April, June-August and October-December, and sign-ups are ongoing. There are groups meeting on every day of the week, throughout the north side of Chicago and the north shore suburbs.

Find a group that fits your life today.


Every week, dozens of people are serving in a variety of ways — passing out programs, taking care of kids, serving coffee, creating the sound, and so much more. Everyone is invited to serve, and there is a place for you on our team.

If you see an area that interests you, fill out the quick & easy form and we’ll be in touch!

Check out the Membership Class

Learn what it means to commit to the Evanston Vineyard by becoming a member. You’ll learn more about what we value and what we believe about following Jesus.

Our membership class is open to everyone, even if you’re not sure if you’re ready to become a member. 

Where it started

A lot of people ask how things got started around here.

How the church started?

How we came to embrace women in the full leadership?

How did the Food Pantry begin?

Or how did a small group of mostly white young people become a diverse church of 50+ languages?

The answer is… God said it was going to happen and then He did it.

God said He was going to start a church among us and He did it.

God said He wanted all people to be able to participate in His kingdom work and He did it.

God said He was going to use this church to love the poor, to feed the hungry and He did it.

God said there was not going to be a majority culture among us and He did it.

Who we are

We have served northern Chicago, Evanston, Skokie and the surrounding area for over 40 years. Our church has significant diversity — there is no ethnic majority and we have people coming from 55 countries. No matter your age, stage of life or background, we expect you’ll find something in common with our church family.


We are a non-denominal congregation, and a member of the Vineyard Association of Churches. The Vineyard is a movement with roots in both pentecostal and evangelical strands. We started in 1976 with about forty people, and today we host 1200 on any given Sunday.


Learn more about the national Vineyard movement here.


We place a high priority on contemporary worship, Biblical teaching, openness to the Holy Spirit, and committed relationships. We have a heart, vision and boldness for evangelism and ministry to the whole person. We are called to be a church of transformation and mercy for those who have not or could not “make it” in the traditional church.


Sixteen other churches have branched off the Evanston Vineyard in the Chicago area and around the world, and another 7 have started from those 16. We are proud parents and grandparents of these churches!


At the Vineyard, we believe the Holy Spirit is active, alive and moving in our culture, and that the living presence of Jesus is the most important thing we have to offer.

What’s important to us?

We are a church that listens for the voice of God.

We believe that God speaks to us and we are designed to hear Him. So we are a church that listens. In fact, we are an interrupted church. God has been steering us in His direction for 40 years and we know that because we’ve been listening for 40 years. He has interrupted us to bring vision and wisdom to our church. Everyone listens around here. Little kids to seasoned saints listen because He speaks.

We are a church that watches for God.

We believe that the Bible is the unchanging truth in an ever-changing world. We believe that the Holy Spirit is alive and at work. We pray with our eyes open, expecting God to move. It doesn’t matter how dark or hopeless or terrifying the situation, at the Evanston Vineyard, we believe that God is present and merciful, so we wait for Him to move.

We are a church that is invested in the lives of God’s people.

Most of us are misfits — a church full of people that don’t fit just right in other places. The Evanston Vineyard has been a safe harbor for the poor and broken, the lonely and overwhelmed, the lost and confused, the addicted and hungry, the hurt and disappointed. We are a church of authentic community. We are going to keep our doors opened wide for all of God’s people who need care, community, and Jesus. We are going to love them up and send them out to be the church.

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