Men's 10+ Group

Welcome to “10+” Men’s Group

We are so glad you decided to join us on this journey. We believe, in this endeavor, the journey is as important as is the destination. As men, it is important we realize how much we have the power to impact the lives of others; our wives, children, relatives, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. 
We believe it all begins with having a great understanding of who we are as men and understanding our true identity. This is a fundamental tenet of “10+”. So, as you walk with us, know that we are interested in your growth in all of the various areas of your life.

What is the intent of this group?

Vision – To:

Empower Godly men to proclaim, live, and model their calling to be Men, Fathers, Husbands, Leaders, and Friends, etc. in the environments in which they find themselves. 

Walk boldly during the good, great, and the difficult times. 

Learn to trust God at all times. 

Establish at least one accountability partner from the session and be willing to be open and honest regarding their walk associated with the tools learned during the session. 

Consider being a co-leader in a future session designed to empower other men to live out their true roles as Fathers, Husbands, Leaders, etc.

Who would be likely candidates for this group?

This group would be for any man who is:

Married (with or without children)
Single (with a heart to remain single or eventually marry and have children)
Divorced (with a heart to be a great father and a future husband)
A Leader (or future leader) and wants to be “Best-in-Class”
In Need of some strategies to build better Friendships

When: Wednesdays, 7:00-9:00pm
Where: online