Men's 10+ Group

What is the intent of this group?

To empower Godly men to proclaim, live, and model their calling to be Men, Fathers, Husbands, Leaders, and Friends in the environment in which they find themselves. To walk boldly during the good, great, and the difficult times. To learn to trust God at all times. To establish at least one accountability partner from the session and be willing to be open and honest regarding their walk associated with the tools learned during the session. To agree to co-lead a future session designed to empower other men to live out their true role as Fathers, Husbands, and Leaders. What are some of the elements of this group? (Some selected excerpts are below)

Fatherhood (and Leadership)
Fatherhood (and Leadership) turns out to be a complex and unique phenomenon with huge consequences for the emotional and intellectual growth of children (and teams). A father (and a leader) brings unique contributions to the job of parenting a child (and building a team) that no one else can replicate. Fathers parent differently.

Have a distinct style of communication and interaction with their children. These differences are critical for a child’s development. Work with their sons to understand proper male sexuality, hygiene and behavior in age-appropriate ways. Provide their girls with a better opportunity to have healthy relationships with the opposite sex because they learned from their fathers how proper men act toward women.

Have a distinct style of communication and interaction with their people. These differences are critical for a team’s development. Play differently. They teach that mental, emotional, or physical abuse is not acceptable. They communicate that everyone should be striving to make the work environment an enjoyable and healthy one.

Have a distinct style of communication and interaction with their spouse. These differences are critical for a marriage’s development.

Help to build confidence; encouraging your spouse to climb and excel just a little higher, reach their goals just a little faster, tackle adversity just a little harder.

Provide their marriage with opportunities to have a healthy relationship in the midst of difficult times.

Understand your true identity as a man.
Consider ways to enhance the image that you currently have of yourself.
Discuss with others the importance of understanding your true identity and how that “spills over” to every area of your life.

Appreciate what it means to be a true friend.
Assess your current “friendship quotient”.
Discuss the value of meaningful friendships.
Determine what is required to improve your friendships.

Who would be likely candidates for this group?
This group would be for any man who is:
Married (with or without children)
Single (with a heart to eventually marry and have children)
Divorced (with a heart to be a great father and a future husband)
A Leader (or future leader) and wants to be “Best-in-Class”
In Need of some strategies to build better Friendships

What actions are required of you?
This group will be limited to 10 men. Therefore, you need to sign up early.

It will be our intention to provide a safe, confidential, and encouraging environment.

Start Date: 10/4
Age Range: All Men of Every Age

When: Wednesdays, 7:00-9:00pm
Where: online