Creatives Digging Deeper with Jesus and Others

Creatives Digging Deeper with Jesus and Others: 

(New update:  We have decided to postpone this group until a future season due to a personal challenge with one of our co-leaders.  We hope to do this book study possibly in the Fall season. We will let you know. Thank you!)

Reignite your creativity, call, and passion together with Jesus and others. In this group we'll be exploring creative & spiritual practices, sharing our personal stories and creative work, struggles, and passions; as well as inviting you to creatively examine your own thoughts, feelings, memories, and dreams. Discussion and prayer opportunities will be included. 

This is a co-ed group for adults 18 years and up. Lite snacks and refreshments will be available. 

Focus this season: Creative art with book Discussion: We will be discussing the fictional book, "Baka: A Life Remade" to reflect on our spiritual journey and the process of transformation as we follow Jesus.

We will use our creativity in both expression and prayer looking at the good work Jesus is doing in us.  Reading chapters from the book will be important prior to each meeting. Cost of the book is $10 with a refund of $5 if you finish the book with us. The book will be given to you in the first group meeting. Financial assistance will be available if you can't afford the book. 

We need beauty to nourish our souls. Creative people have an important story to tell. They also face many distractions, pressure to produce, hurts, and struggles. In this group we will intentionally make space to reflect and to explore these things to experience growth, healing, and to flourish as creatives. 

Come join us to flourish as creatives and bring beauty into the culture at large. 

First and Third Tuesdays of the month from 7:00pm-8:30pm. Starting February 6th in the Studio Room.

Hope you can join us! 
Linda Sylvester, Mark Washington, Jon Warden & MJ Warden 

When: We will meet the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month at the church in the Studio Room.

When: We will meet the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays from 7 PM to 8:30 PM
Where: Evanston