God on Trial

The Old Testament God is often viewed as being angry, sexist, racist, misogynistic and violent while the New Testament God (Jesus) is seen as gentle, kind, compassionate and loving. Is there really a difference or is it the same God? What is his character? Why does he do the things that so disturb us?

We are going to take troublesome passages from the Old Testament and examine them to see who he really is. We are going to put God on trial! This study will be interactive with some teaching and open to discussion. Everyone's opinion and thoughts count as we try to understand the character of the Old Testament God to see if we have one God of the bible or if the God of the bible is different in the Old testament than the new. 

Our hope is to gain a better understanding of God and spark an interest in the Old Testament which makes up more than 3/4ths of the Bible. 

When: Thursday, 6-8PM
Where: in person