Hello Evanston Vineyard family,

We want to announce that beginning this weekend, we are moving our service to a new streaming platform. We’re calling it “Evanston Vineyard Online” and you can access it by clicking the big button on the top of our homepage.

There are a number of reasons we are making this change. Some of them are technical — as you likely experienced this past weekend, the platform we have been using to stream did not hold up well and many of you had disrupted experiences of our Easter service. We’re really sorry about that and hope this change resolves that issue.

But more importantly, we want to connect with you, to know who you are and to help you feel seen at church, even in these unique circumstances.

Our new platform includes a chat feature, areas for notes and an online Bible, options for “live” prayer in a private chatroom with a member of our prayer team, easier access to links we think you’ll want to see, and much more.

We’ve worked hard to make it easy to participate. Simply visit our website, click on the Evanston Vineyard Online button, and if you want to participate in the chat, choose a nickname when you are prompted. You don’t need to log in, and it’s up to you how much you want to participate.

Some things to note:
• Our cross-campus service will continue to meet at 10:00am, but we are going to open the chat at 9:45am, and keep it open for 15 minutes after the service.
• Our 9:00am Vineyard Kids service will also be hosted on our website.
• We are also adding a new service at 8:30am for our toddlers and pre-schoolers beginning this week!
• An archive of the service will be made available later in the day on Sunday, but if you want to participate on Sunday mornings, please plan to join us at 10:00am.

We think this is going to be a great experience for everyone at our church — and newcomers too! Please continue to invite your friends to check out our online services, and let us know what questions you have.

See you on Sunday!

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