Toy Drive & Giveaway

Our Toy Giveaway is December 15!

Here’s your chance to bring joy and happiness to the life of a child in need.

We need help with:
✶ Toy donations
✶ People to work at the sign-up/drop off table
✶ Gift Wrappers (Must be 15 years old or older)
✶ Help with distribution of toys

Visit our table in the lobby after services to sign up.

How to participate
✶ Step 1: Pick a color slip with a child’s age and gender (e.g. Girl 6-8)
✶ Step 2: Sign your name, phone number and/or e-mail on the Toy Donation sheet under the appropriate gender and age group.
✶ Step 3: Drop off your donation. When dropping off your donations, please attach your color slip (from Step 1) or a gift tag with your name, the gender, and age of child — this will help us match our sign-up sheets and donations to assure each child will receive a gift.

The deadline for donations to the 2018 Toy Drive is Tuesday, December 11. Donations can be dropped off Monday to Saturday, at the church office. Please label donations “Toy Drive, Attn: Liz Jackson.”

Appropriate Donations
✶ Please do not donate toy guns, knives, war type weapons, or sharp objects
✶ Donate an unwrapped toy, i.e., cars, trucks, hot wheels, matchbox Tonka, Fisher Price Tool Belts, Legos, Dolls, Barbie, Cabbage Patch dolls, Dora, Bratz Dolls, Hello Kitty, Craft sets, board games (e.g., Life, Monopoly Jr, Operation, Candy Land, Memory),card games, basketballs, footballs, jewelry makers, age-appropriate jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, watches, jewelry boxes, handbags, dishes, cook sets, activity/puzzle (small kids 25-100 pcs) books, etc. Most toys and stores have notes and signs to help you select toys for the appropriate age group.
✶ Suggested price range: $10–$25.
✶ Cash or gift cards are also welcomed. These funds will be used to purchase toys and treats for children in age groups that we find have received little or no donations.
✶ We can also use donations of gift wrap paper, tape and individually wrapped candy (no chocolate, please).

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