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Start Here


Once a month at 9:30am


Next gatherings:
Sunday, August 12
Sunday, September 9
Sunday, October 14
Sunday, November 4
Sunday, December 2


Evanston Vineyard Care Center
2495 Howard Street in Evanston (behind the Jewel)


Everything has a beginning. Every person, every idea, every journey starts somewhere. Whether it’s one small step in a new direction or a major event, from that point forward nothing is ever the same. It’s not always comfortable. It’s not always easy. But it’s a start.

Whether today is your first time, or you’ve been with us for a little while, maybe you’re wondering, “What’s my first step at the Vineyard? Where do I start?”

Our answer is: Start here.

One Sunday each month at 9:30am in our studio room by the coffee bar, we host a special event we call “Start Here”. During this experience, you’ll spend time drinking coffee, meeting new friends, and exploring who we are, what we do, and how you can join us.

Start here is your first step towards becoming a part of our Vineyard family.

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