Co-Ed Group, Meets Indoors, Meets Online, Meets Outdoors, Monday

Hope for Artists: Healing, Creating, Seeking Justice and Outreach


Led by Linda Sylvester, Maria Mento, Patrice Downs and Andrew Carson

Co-ed, Activity (Middle school age up to adults)

Meets outdoors at church for October 9th for the Worship with Creativity & Healing night, and for the Arts and Social Justice night on Friday, September 25th. On zoom for Monday, September 28th and indoors in La Vina for the rest of our meetings on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month from October 12th through December 28th.


Are you interested in using your artistic and spiritual gifts to bring healing and justice? Come join artists and musicians of all diverse kinds (writers, painters, film makers, actors, poets, singers, dancers, musicians, spoken word artists, photographers, song writers, etc.) as well as art appreciators in exploring healing for ourselves and others. We also encourage each other to grow closer to God and others, and to grow creatively together.

Regular meetings are on the 2nd and 4th Mondays from September 28th through December 28th, from 7:30pm-9pm on Zoom and in person in La Vina Auditorium at the church.

Our focus this season is exploring healing as “we seek to create and be one who encourages justice, peace, and change by reflecting God to the world and to each other.” This is our mission statement as well. Group members who feel led will create an artistic piece (drawing, painting, writing, lyrics, song, etc.) telling the story of an experience of injustice that they witnessed or went through themselves and how God met them through it. We will share together and pray afterwards about these experiences.

We pray together regularly in all our group meetings and we also will have two fun ‘Show and Tell’ nights this season where each group member shares a creative piece of their choice that is 5 minutes or less.

Our group is upward, inward and outward focused and we use our creative gifts in the church and on outreach excursions in the community by praying for, supporting artistic events, and looking for ways to serve inside and outside the church. We serve at the church Care Center twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays, in the Limitless middle school ministry occasionally, and in the community with our justice interests.

This season we are planning to do an ‘Art as Therapy Day’ at Covenant House in Chicago, with homeless youth ages 18-24 years. We will do this on a Saturday this Fall season wearing a mask and social distancing for those who are interested.

We can also gather outdoors on a Saturday for those interested and create and share our stories/pieces of injustices and invite others to join in with prayer after.

The ‘Arts and Social Justice Night’ is scheduled for Friday, September 25th at 6:45pm-9pm. This event is at the Evanston Vineyard Church outdoors with socially distanced chairs and all who attend wearing masks.  The focus of the night is on mental illness, trauma, and also the injustices towards people of color; and how the arts and artists can help to advocate, educate, and help to bring justice, peace, healing and change.  We will have two speakers with Q & A afterwards and some of our arts community members will be sharing artistic pieces/ music that goes along with the theme of the night.  More information to follow soon.

The ‘Worship with Creativity & Healing Nights’ are Friday, October 9th outdoors at the church and on Monday, December 14th on Zoom. These nights include extended worship with group members exploring creativity, then a short message followed by open mic prayer ministry time and prophetic encouragement through scripture, words or art. All are welcome. You are free to draw, paint, write, dance, sing, play an instrument, etc. during our time together.

We hope to see you!! We are an open group during the season, so please invite your family or friends to join with you!

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