Hope for Artists: Justice Mural Project

Our ‘Hope for Artists’ ministry at the Evanston Vineyard Church is doing “The Justice Mural Project” this season. During this pandemic, with the many challenges and injustices that we have seen in our country, we want to bring our community together using our creative gifts to make a difference and bring change. We are inviting our whole church, those from other churches and the community at large to be involved in this digital mural project.

The ‘Justice Mural Project’ is a community-wide artistic call for justice. In an effort to promote respect and love, while seeking to create and be one who encourages justice, peace, and change, working together for the common good; the ‘Hope for Artists arts community’ is currently working on a collaborative mural to be displayed initially in digital format. Our theme for this mural will be, “Justice. Mercy. Love”.

Here’s how you can join in:

● Create something which expresses your thoughts on the theme. Create a vision of the community you’d like to see. This could be a painting, a few words on your thoughts, a drawing, a poem, a quotation, a song lyric, a photograph, or take a picture of yourself holding a sign. Use the space however you’d like to express yourself.

● Take a digital picture of your submission to email to us. Or send it by postal mail for us to make into a digital file.

● We will be assembling the mural from your submissions. Your digital submission should be readable when formatted.  There is not a specific size, but it shouldn’t be too large in order to format properly.  If you have more than one submission, that is ok.

● Deadline for submissions is August 1, 2020.

We will assemble the submissions into a digital mural. Follow progress and news about the digital justice mural at #hopeforartistsartscommunity Facebook page.

Send digital photo submissions and related questions to Linda Sylvester at [email protected].

Blessings to all of you!

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