Meets at Vineyard, Meets in Evanston, Wednesday, Women's Group

Connect Women’s Group


Group 410
Led by Miriam Mercado
Women’s (All ages)
Wednesdays, 7:30–9:15pm
Evanston Vineyard


Get to know God better and experience His presence throughout the whole Bible. Together, we’ll study how the story of His presence fits together from Genesis to Revelation. And we’ll seek to live it out together!

We’ll meet nine Wednesday evenings: Oct 2 – Dec 11. (We meet every week except the last Wednesday of October and November). We’ll study 8 portions of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. As we do this, we’ll listen to one message by Dr. John Walton (OT Professor) about the presence of God in all the Bible and also parts of the book With by Skye Jethani.

We’ll always leave time each week to connect as women with each other to pray and support each other in the practical living out of the truth of God’s presence WITH us.

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