Meets in Skokie, Meets in the North Shore, Wednesday, Women's Group

A Voice Becoming: Helping Our Daughters Become Christ-Centered Women


Group 491
Led by Emery Silva & Leslie Windmon
We don’t offer childcare but occasionally, our daughters are invited to join the group.
Women’s (Moms of preteen and teen daughters)
Wednesdays, 7:00–8:30pm
Skokie (Main & Crawford)


We want to invite you to journey together as moms of preteen and teenage daughters, who want to raise them to know and love Jesus and the world.

Have you ever wondered how to guide your preteen/teenage daughter into adolescence? What do you do when your daughter starts to get lost in her phone? When she suddenly wants to dump her best friend over last week’s fight, that same friend you asked God for? When she lashes out at the family in the face of the math test she fears she will fail? When she obsesses over her appearance in the mirror and worries that she is gaining too much weight? When she seems more interested in the latest Youtube video than her relationship with Jesus? When she is distant with the family? How do we have honest, loving, Christ-centered conversations with our daughters about gender identity, #MeToo, women’s equality and all the other issues in the culture they are growing up in?

We are on a journey together as moms who want to disciple our daughters to see Jesus and the bigger picture of His Kingdom and His values.

Join us! In A Voice Becoming small group, we’ll talk about how we can be intentional in raising our daughters to stay grounded in Christ in an unintentional world. Using the book A Voice Becoming, we’ll provide a community in which we can each design a year-long mother-daughter journey to introduce our daughters to what it means to be a woman. We’ll give our daughters Biblical and contemporary female heroines who embody values such as leadership, love, creativity, sacrifice and justice.

We’ll discuss the book, pray, reflect on Scripture and support each other in creating a unique year for our daughters to enter young womanhood. On certain evenings, we’ll invite our daughters to join us to discuss godly female leadership together while having fun!

We want moms who join to commit to making this group a priority, both for the sake of our moms’ community and the integrity of your mother-daughter journey planning.

Please purchase your book before the group begins. You can find them here.

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