On Sunday, Dec. 19 we’ll take our annual Benevolence Offering. This special offering supports all of our help to those inside and outside the church. It funds ministries like the Care Center, which includes our Food Pantry, Clothes Closet resale shop and job training program, ESL tutoring, Resource Connections and more. It’s how we provide scholarships to camps and special events so that everyone can participate in our programs, regardless of resources.

We take this offering once a year as an opportunity to give above and beyond our regular tithes to the church. The Benevolence Offering is a way for us all to partner with God as he generously provides all that we need and more. We invite you to join us in praying about how we each might give.

Ready to give now? You can make a gift online here at any time using the option “Benevolence”, or wait until we take the offering on Dec. 19. If you prefer to give in person, please indicate “Benevolence Fund” on your check or envelope,

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