Benevolence Offering

Help pay off outstanding medical debt for local families in need with our 2020 Benevolence Offering on December 6!

Every year we set aside the first Sunday in December for our church community to make a special offering, above and beyond our usual giving, that goes towards our Benevolence Fund, which funds the Care Center, Food Pantry, financial assistance to church families in crisis, and much more.

Because of your incredible generosity throughout such a challenging year, our Benevolence Fund is in fine shape. We’re thrilled to expand our existing ministry by adding a new program: all money donated Dec. 6-31 will go directly to buying out and forgiving outstanding medical debt held by individuals in our community.

We’re partnering with RIP Medical Debt. This national non-profit identifies folks struggling the most with their medical debt, and then after purchasing the outstanding debt from debt collectors at a steep discount, cancels the debt. Every $100 that we donate will clear $10,000 of medical debt for people in need here in Cook County!

We want to not only help relieve the crushing weight of poverty, but, as part of our ongoing commitment to pursuing racial justice, also serve the families of color who have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic in Chicago, especially as they are more likely to be paying off old medical debt. Past-due medical debt most often affects Black and brown Americans, in part because this population is more likely to be uninsured.

About a year ago, the Vineyard Church of Ann Arbor worked with RIP Medical Debt. With a donation of $18,000, the church cleared $2.9 million of debt for 2,120 people in their area! The church and a woman whose debt was forgiven was featured in this Lester Hold NBC NIghtly News Report, which really shows what a powerful impact these donations have.

We’re so grateful for your continued sacrificial giving, and are excited to work as a church family to contribute to this life-changing cause. Please be praying about how God would have you give to this special Benevolence Offering on Dec. 6. We look forward to participating in this act of generosity and compassion together.

Click here to make your donation now.

Here’s a short video from Senior Pastor Ted Kim explaining why we chose this project.

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